Unearthing the Secrets of Ancient Civilization Cores in Palworld

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Unearthing the Secrets of Ancient Civilization Cores in Palworld

In the ever-evolving world of Palworld, players are constantly seeking to enhance their experience with unique items and resources. Among the latest additions to this vibrant universe is the Ancient Civilization Core, a valuable material critical for crafting advanced items like Ability Glasses or Electric Egg Incubators. However, acquiring this resource can be a daunting task, particularly for newcomers. This guide is intended to unlock the secret to obtaining these elusive nukes and take your adventures in Palworld to new heights.

Understanding Ancient Civilization Cores

Understanding Ancient Civilization Cores

Ancient Civilization Cores are often mistaken for their less scarce counterparts, the Ancient Civilization Parts. Though the items share a name and an origin in rare antiquities, the methodology behind acquiring each differs remarkably. To secure Ancient Civilization Parts, players must triumph over world bosses – formidable opponents scattered throughout Palworld. Conversely, obtaining a coveted Ancient Civilization Core demands the conquering of raid bosses, adversaries that test the limits of even the most seasoned players.

Summoning the Formidable Bellanoir

As of the current update, Bellanoir stands as the solitary raid boss in Palworld, with two additional variants, Bellanoir Libero and Bellanoir Libero (Ultra), each escalating in power. Before tackling such a Goliath, it’s essential to muster a suitable challenge. This begins with acquiring a Bellanoir Slab, which players can craft using four Bellanoir Slab Fragments found within high-level dungeon chests. The rarity of these fragments suggests that patience and persistence are prerequisites for those seeking to summon the raid boss.

Preparing the Summoning Altar

With the Bellanoir Slab in hand, your next task is to construct the Summoning Altar, a pivotal structure unlocked at level 33 under the Technology tab. Building the altar is relatively straightforward, requiring only 20 Palladium Fragments and 100 Stones – resources that are readily available. It’s important to note that the Summoning Altar must be placed in your base. However, the potential for collateral damage during the impending battle necessitates caution. Consider designating an expendable location, away from your main base, to serve as the battleground.

The Raid Boss Battle: Strategy and Execution

The Raid Boss Battle Strategy and Execution

The confrontation with Bellanoir is an arduous one, marked by its impressive 300,000HP and a stringent ten-minute time limit. To tilt the odds in your favor, enlist the help of Pals that possess the Dragon elemental type – Bellanoir's Achilles' heel. Complement this advantage by arming yourself with a formidable weapon, such as an assault rifle, and an ample supply of ammunition. Should you emerge victorious, the rewards will be plentiful, not least of which is the acquisition of the sought-after Ancient Civilization Cores.

Reaping the Rewards of Your Labor

The journey to obtaining an Ancient Civilization Core may be riddled with adversity, yet its culmination marks the beginning of new possibilities. The core's applications are vast and varied, opening doors to crafting and enhancements that were previously out of reach. With the core in your possession, your ability to soar to new gaming heights becomes a palpable reality.

As with all endeavors in Palworld, the path to success is lined with challenges and obstacles. Yet, with a strategic approach and a steadfast resolve, the rewards – much like the Ancient Civilization Cores themselves – become a testament to your gaming prowess and dedication.

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