The Ultimate Guide to Reaching the Red Falls Biome in The Planet Crafter

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The Ultimate Guide to Reaching the Red Falls Biome in The Planet Crafter

Discovering new biomes is one of the most thrilling aspects of The Planet Crafter. With the "Explosive Update," Miju Games introduced the enigmatic Red Falls biome. This guide will take you step-by-step through how to craft and use explosives, locate the Red Falls, and navigate its diverse regions. Get ready to embark on a new adventure filled with unique challenges and hidden treasures.

Step 1: Unlock the Explosive Item

The Ultimate Guide to Reaching the Red Falls Biome in The Planet Crafter

Before you can explore the Red Falls, you need to unlock the Explosive item. Unlike the Large Explosive Device needed for the game's endings, the standard Explosive can be crafted anywhere on the map.

  • Collect Blueprint Microchips: You'll require generic Blueprint Microchips to unlock the Explosive recipe. These microchips are typically found in distant wrecks scattered across the main map.
  • Unlock the Recipe: Use the Blueprint Microchips to unlock the recipe for the Explosive. This item is generally in the last "group" of unlockable blueprints, so you may need to collect several chips before you obtain this crucial recipe.

Step 2: Craft the Explosive

Once you've unlocked the recipe, it's time to gather the materials and craft your Explosive items in the Biolab.

  • Materials Needed: Two Explosive Powders and one Circuit Board. Ensure you have these on hand before heading to the Biolab.
  • Crafting Process: Navigate to the Biolab and use the materials to craft the Explosive. Each crafted Explosive can be used strategically to access new areas or remove obstacles.
  • Activation: To use the Explosive, activate it from your inventory. On a standard PC setup, this is typically done with the right mouse button. Be cautious when deploying the device as it will activate a five-second timer upon interaction, capable of causing significant damage if you're too close.

Step 3: Locate the Red Falls Biome

With your Explosives ready, you can now set off to find the Red Falls biome, nestled in the northeast corner of the main map.

  • Map Check: The Red Falls biome is identifiable by several red spots surrounded by rocks in the northeast corner of the main map.
  • Cave Entrances: There are three primary cave entrances leading to the Red Falls. Each cave is located in a different bordering biome.
    • Gate Desert Entrance: Head north from the main feature of the Gate Desert to find a cavern obstructed by large boulders.
    • Grand Rift Iridium Cave: Check the back wall of the iridium cave in the Grand Rift to discover this entrance.
    • Grasslands Entrance: Explore the eastern edge of the Grasslands to find an opening leading to a boulder wall.

Locate the Red Falls Biome

Step 4: Use Explosives to Access the Red Falls

Each cave entrance will have heavy stones blocking your path. Here's how you use your Explosive to clear the way:

  • Deploy the Explosive: Approach the boulder wall at any of the three cave entrances and activate an Explosive from your inventory. When the five-second timer starts, ensure you're at a safe distance from the detonation area.
  • Clear Path: Once the countdown completes, the obstacle will be removed, revealing the pathway into the Red Falls biome.

Step 5: Explore the Red Falls

Congratulations! You've made it into the Red Falls biome. Here are some key areas and treasures you can find:

  • Northwest Region: Discover a large shipwreck filled with randomly generated crates.
  • Southern Frog Pond: This area contains valuable Leglus frog eggs.
  • Northeast Region:
    • Locate a smaller shipwreck with crates that include two Ruberu tree seeds amongst mostly random items.
    • Find a hidden golden crate with a unique fuse effigy behind a waterfall, positioned at coordinates 2459:126:-599.

Final Tips for Exploration

Final Tips for Exploration

To make the most of your adventure in the Red Falls, keep these tips in mind:

  • Preparation is Key: Ensure you bring adequate supplies, including oxygen, food, and water, as the biome can be treacherous.
  • Map Awareness: Keep an eye on your coordinates and make use of your map to avoid getting lost.
  • Resource Management: Be mindful of your inventory space. The Red Falls offers a variety of resources, and you’ll want to make sure you can carry as much as possible.

Exploring the Red Falls in The Planet Crafter offers a wealth of new experiences and valuable resources. By following this guide, you'll be thoroughly prepared to take on the challenges and uncover the secrets that await in this captivating new biome. Happy crafting!

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