Meta Disagrees with Petition on Public Duty Obligations in Delhi

  • Greg Burn
  • May 09, 2022
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Meta Disagrees with Petition on Public Duty Obligations in Delhi

The petition was filed at the Delhi High Court in India. It asked the court to oblige Meta, the parent of Facebook to serve the public duty and get under the control of the government. The company denies such a petition, saying that they are not in the control of any country and don’t have to follow the rules of local management.

The petition was filed in the Delhi Court for the social media accounts on Facebook. The main intention was to suspend these accounts. In response, Facebook’s parent denied all the demands. Meta underlined that they are a private company and do not have any public functions. It means that the Indian court can’t even take the case. Meta refused to comment on the petition and take it into consideration as something serious. According to the company’s official the petition was made to wrongly accuse Meta and bring it to the court.

According to Meta, does not have to carry out any public duty. The government of any country does not control its functions or management, since the company is private. After the petition was created, its Instagram account was reactivated in 72 hours. Instagram’s account can be enabled back again after the appeal. Instagram officials can take the appeal into consideration during the 30 days after the document is sent. The accounts of the main petitioners who filed the document in the court were also suspended. They called this action an injustice and totally against the Constitution and the law of their country. According to them, Facebook did not offer them even the opportunity to restore these accounts.

How often do you use your Facebook account? Do you agree with the petitioners who filed the case against Meta in India? You may express your thoughts in the comments below.

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