FC 24 European Classics Solutions and Copa America Classics Solutions

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FC 24 European Classics Solutions and Copa America Classics Solutions

The FC 24 Euro Throwbacks solutions have emerged as a significant highlight of the recent post-FIFA phase. When combined with the FC 24 Copa America throwback answers, they become part of a set of engaging puzzles from EA Sports' FC 24 that help you earn substantial XP in Season 7. Tackling these challenges requires some intellectual effort, but don’t worry – we've already put in the effort for you. Below, you will find all the solutions you need for both FC 24 Euro Throwbacks and FC 24 Copa America Throwbacks consolidated into one easy-to-follow resource.

Here are the full five solutions for the FC 24 Euro Throwbacks. Completing these riddles will help you gain XP and progress in unlocking players on the FC 24 Season 7 rankings. Are you looking for additional guidance during the game? Feel free to consult GR’s FC 24 formations guide.

  • - Le Roi (Michel Platini): Achieve 9 goals using French players in any game mode (400 XP)
  • - Unique Talent: Score a minimum of 2 goals in 5 separate matches with Cristiano Ronaldo in any game mode (400 XP)
  • - Trophy Collection: Secure 4 victories in any game mode with a squad that includes five Spanish players and five German players (400 XP)
  • - Victory in Greece: Claim victory in a match in any mode with at least 4 starters from Portugal or Greece (400 XP)
  • - Trio of Goals in a Quarter-hour: Win a single match in any game mode by netting at least three goals with Turkish players (400 XP)

A complete suite of FC 24 Copa America Throwbacks puzzles and solutions is also available. Completing the whole series grants you an exciting group reward—an 87+ 2x Rare Gold Players Pack. For those who need a helping hand, refer to our FC 24 skill moves guide for advice.
These engaging FC 24 Copa America Throwbacks and FC 24 Euro Throwbacks puzzles will all be available until Thursday, July 11, which is after this summer’s significant international tournaments conclude. Eager to enhance your squad with legendary players? Direct your attention to GR’s FC 24 Greats Of The Game tracker for more opportunities.


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