Amazon Extends Opportunities for Merchants

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Apr 27, 2022
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Amazon Extends Opportunities for Merchants

Merchants can now use all the benefits of the Prime account apart from the Amazon platform. Amazon offers more options to both sellers and buyers. The main goal of the new policy is to expand the Prime accounts.

Amazon has officially revealed its plan to extend the Prime accounts possibilities for customers and sellers. It is called Buy With Prime. Using this initiative, you don’t have to stay on the Amazon platform. The Prime subscription that you pay for allows you to use the same features as you have on Amazon, just on the official brand’s website. The new service may help Amazon to compete with Shopify that raising the audience around the world.

Merchants that have their stores on both the Amazon platform and their own website can still use the warehouses of Amazon and their delivery programs. To be able to use the Prime package, customers will have to press the Buy With Prime button on the brand’s website. It means that brands who want to provide such a possibility to their customers have to place such a button on the website. The benefits available for Amazon Prime subscribers usually include free returns, delivery on the next day option, and free shipping. From time to time Amazon Prime owners received discounts for the products they want to purchase.

The new program may provide comfort to the buyers who already pay for a Prime subscription. Apart from that, the audience that does not like to buy via Amazon, can now pay for a subscription and use similar features to Amazon’s buyers. Amazon continues to raise its logistics and audience. If the initiative turns out to be successful, Amazon can forget about Shopify at least for some time.

Do you want to use Prime’s extra features on the official stores of your favorite brands? Are you an Amazon Prime member? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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