A Chilling Update: The Last of Us Meets Elden Ring’s Runebear

  • Jared McKenzie
  • Mar 14, 2023
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A Chilling Update: The Last of Us Meets Elden Ring’s Runebear

It's no wonder why fans of The Last of Us have been eager to combine the post-apocalyptic settings of both games. After all, the notorious Cordyceps virus that acts as the catalyst for the deadly events in The Last of Us is rooted in reality, and its mutated monsters have become iconic in gaming. Now, a fan has come up with a concept that takes things one step further by introducing a terrifyingly powerful Cordyceps-ridden bear that could rival the monstrous Runebear in Elden Ring.

Introducing Semperspada's Cordyceps Bear, an apex predator that could easily be imagined terrorizing the world of The Last of Us. A hybrid of some of the most horrifying enemies in video games, the concept of a mutated bear is prime horror material and one that could easily be implemented into the franchise's existing lore. Indeed, if the Cordyceps virus could affect humans and turn them into mindless monsters, why wouldn't it have the same effect on animals?

Of course, a Runebear versus Cordyceps Bear showdown would be an interesting spectacle to behold, but fans of both franchises can at least agree that their respective post-apocalyptic settings are remarkable enough to stand on their own. It's no surprise that The Last of Us has been a motherlode of inspiring creativity, and Semperspada's concept is one more element that could be utilized to expand upon the story.

Though the Cordyceps virus has been with us from early on in The Last of Us, it's easy to forget that the rate of infection was gradual, and the Cordyceps-ridden bear could easily be introduced in a potential new game as a formidable and dangerous threat for the protagonists to deal with. And with Elden Ring's Runebear having been compared to dragons in some way, a fight between the two could be one for the ages.

Semperspada's Cordyceps bear has certainly proven to be an incredibly terrifying concept and one that could easily increase the already immense horror factor of The Last of Us. Fans of the franchise should keep a close eye on future developments and see whether the idea could become an official part of the universe.

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